Nov 21, 2008

New Research Coming Soon!!!!

Dear Friends, its been time since I had last posted on this blog. It's not that I am not reading but then I am looking forward to achieve in few areas and finish off with some pending tasks once and for all. These things are keeping me pre-occupied and that makes it difficult for me deliver.
I am not trying to give any reasons as such to my readers but then I know I have to continue blogging.

I will be back within 2 months. I am waiting for few things to complete. By this time, I believe I will be able to win over myself and then start afresh....

Hope everything else is good. :-)

Aug 17, 2008

McKinsey: The Challange of Funding Japan's Future Healthcare Needs 2008

The Japanese population is one of the healthiest in the world with a longer life expectancy than any other large developed country....

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McKinsey: US Imbalancing Act 2007

Our goal in this report is to provide business leaders and policy makers with a fact-base and insights into one of the most important issues in the world economy today-the growing US current account deficit....

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Feb 13, 2008

Ernst & Young-Trends In Real Estate Property Market

Real Estate Fund Cycles & Observations. This file will talk about movement of private equity in International real estate markets....

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JonesLangLaSalle-Six Sigma For The Banking Corporate Real Estate Leader

As banking industry consolidation continues and global competition intensifies, the momentum to achieve transformational results has never been stronger. Competitive tensions are driving extreme cost-cutting. Stricter regulatory requirements demand certifiably accurate data....

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Indian Power Sector-Performance Report Summary 2007

Following are the highlights of the performance in the year 2007:
>>Capacity Addition: Between 1st January, 2007 to 12th December, 2007 projects aggregating to record 9050 MW are commissioned. This comprises of 6645 MW of thermal capacity, 2185 MW of hydro capacity and 220 MW of nuclear capacity.
>>Growth in Generation: As compared to annual growth rate of about 3.1% at the end of 9th
Plan and initial years of 10th Plan, the growth in generation during 2006-07 and 2007-08 (upto
November, 2007) was 7.3% and 6.9% respectively.

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Jan 28, 2008


Prime Residential Property
There has been an unparalleled growth of significant personal wealth in recent years. This development is a crucial trend, influencing consumption and saving patterns across the globe.
The most noticeable result has been the concentration of wealth and the growing influence of high net worth individuals (HNWIs), defined as people with net assets in excess of US$10 million....

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Jan 17, 2008

Ernst & Young- Infrastructure 2007

Emerging Crisis, Shifting Priorities- We take it all for granted ---the networks of interconnected highways branching out from cities over bridges and through tunnels into the streets and country roads to neighborhood cul-de-sac....

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Cushman & Wakefield- Industrial Space Worldwide 2007

The industrial property market had a good year in 2006, benefiting from the acceleration in global manufacturing output and the further internationalisation of logistics. Prime rents rose by a global average of 6.5% over the year, an advance on the 1.8% rental growth recorded for 2005....

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Deloitte- Real Estate Investment- Why Invest India 2008

Over the past few years, China’s stellar economic growth often has dominated American headlines. But in real estate, India is proving at least as intriguing. Indian real estate market values now are appreciating 30% annually, and total market value is projected to leap from US$16 billion in 2006 to over US$60 billion by 20101....

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Jan 15, 2008

PWC-Emerging Trends in Real Estate in Asia Pacific 2008

This year, even greater volumes of cash have descended into these markets as institutional funds follow the trail blazed by their more opportunistic cousins. In 2008, participants will still have higher—albeit slightly diminished—real estate firm profitability when compared
with 2007....

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This report give details about major Real Estate Investments Trusts around Asia. A total of 11 new REITs were listed during the first half, bringing REIT market capitalisation to over US$80 billion as at end-June 2007, approximately twice of that at the end of 2005.
Japan remains the largest REIT market in Asia, with market capitalisation having attained the level of US$49.1 billion as of the first half of 2007....

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